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Dr Florian Scotté - Section Editor

Department of Medical Oncology

Georges Pompidou European Hospital 

Paris, France

Florian Scotté MD PHD is a medical oncologist in the Department of Oncology at the Georges Pompidou European Hospital, where he is responsible for the ambulatory department of chemotherapy and caring for patients with recurrent head and neck cancers. He is head of the functional unit of supportive care at Georges Pompidou Hospital.

He holds a PhD in medical science ethics and teaches at several universities, he established the first Inter-university Diploma of Supportive Care in Oncology in France. As coordinator and co-investigator of several studies including supportive care, he is the originator of the development of frozen protections against nail and skin toxicity related to Docetaxel and also of the AFSOS barometer, assessing the organization and perception of supportive care in France.

His participation in the editorial board of La Lettre du Cancérologue has allowed him to develop an e-journal during the MASCC meeting to broadcast live news in french.

With membership of MASCC and ASCO, he is General Secretary and in charge of the training committee at the French Speaking Association for Supportive Care in Cancer (AFSOS).

He organizes the Transatlantic in Oncology (TAO) meeting, to share opinions on cancer and its treatment management between US and Europe.


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