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Early palliative care for patients with advanced cancer: a cluster-randomised controlled trial

Dr Camilla Zimmermann, MD, Nadia Swami, BSc, Monika Krzyzanowska, MD, Breffni Hannon, MBChB, Natasha Leighl, MD, Prof Amit Oza, MD [Lon], Prof Malcolm Moore, MD, Anne Rydall, MSc, Prof Gary Rodin, MD, Prof Ian Tannock, MD, Prof Allan Donner, PhD, Christop

The Lancet, In Press, February 2014

Editors' comments: Dr. Martin Chasen

This is an excellent trial and shows that early palliative care intervention is feasible and probably worthwhile. Also stressed is the underutilisation of such an approach.
The methodology is innovative. Economic feasibility is also needed. Suggest a full palliative team including physiotherapist, occupational therapist, dietician and social worker would provide an answer as to the true value of early palliative care in this population of patients.