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Pain related to cancer treatments and diagnostic procedures: a no man's land?

Ripamonti CI, Bossi P, Santini D, Fallon M.

Annals of Oncolog, In Press, March 2014 

Editors' comments: Dr Carla Ripamonti

National and International guidelines are available on the assessment and treatment of cancer-related pain. Most of those guidelines address to pain in patients with advanced disease and little attention is given to the assessment and treatment of pain caused by treatments and diagnostic procedures. However small amount of data are available in the literature on these topics suggesting that little attention has been given to an important aspect of oncology and the underestimation of pain leads to suboptimal management of patients with a great impact on their quality of life.  The paper report a revision of the literature on the most frequent causes of pain produced by anticancer therapies and diagnostic procedure and show the need for urgent further research in this setting. The paper is dedicated to the memory of Prof. Vittorio Ventafridda and Prof. Geoffrey Hanks who had been pioneers in the field of the pain therapy and Palliative Care with the intent to improve the well-being of the patients. They were and still are our Teachers.