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Onco Update Europe 2017

The Update Concept

Expert speakers and leading researchers consider and evaluate medical study results unbiased by commercial interests.

In the interests of clinical and professional rigour only international peer-reviewed journals of the previous year are presented – not the usual routine presentations.

Each congress completely maps the discipline in question. The most important sub-disciplines are comprehensively dealt with in one of approximately 14 units of 45 to 60 minutes each. After the two-day seminar the participant is fully up-to-date in that medical discipline.

The implications of new research for clinical practice are discussed by the speakers with the participants, especially in regard to the take-home message.

Generous amounts of time and space are given to informal, interactive discussions and Q+A. The speakers are available to the participants both during their presentations and during the speaker’s corners. In addition to the presentation of the study results participants receive, at registration, the seminar manual containing all charts of the presentation. As a follow- up delegates may also download all presentations as either charts or webcast.

Nov 2017
Nov 2017

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Náměstí Míru 9
120 53 Prague 2
Czech Republic

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The National House of Vinohrady, Prague, Czech Republic