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Afternoon Parallel Session 2: Setting Regulatory Frameworks for mobile health in cancer supportive care

Hal Wolf, Céline Deswarte, Charles Alessi, Najeeb Al Shorbaji, Anpeng Huang, recorded at Bocconi meeting, Enhancing Cancer Supportive Care, April 4, 2014, Milan, Italy.


Confirmed speakers: 

Najeeb Al Shorbaji , Director, Department of Knowledge Management and Sharing, World Health Organization (WHO).
Anpeng Huang, Associate Professor Peking University, China.
Charles Alessi, Chairman of the National Association of Primary Care in the UK
Céline Deswarte, Policy Officer, European Commission, DG for Communication Networks, Content and Technology

Cancer is one of the main causes of ill health, disability and death. The aim of this group session is to discuss how to improve the use of mhealth by setting regulatory frameworks to enhance preventative services and the quality of cancer supportive care by making patients' access to cost-effective treatments quicker and easier.