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Early Management and Cost - Costs related to early management in cancer

Isabelle Borget and Jeffrey Peppercorn, recorded at TAO (Transatlantic Oncology meeting), Nov 21-22, 2013

QoL - A08 - Prise en charge précoce et couts

Isabelle Borget starts with some figures on France, as an American speaker will follow her talk, making it interesting to compare. In 2002 the WHO said the French system was the best in the world. Indeed life expectancy is highest in France of all OECD countries, at birth and at 65 years of age. The incidence of cancer in France is similar to other countries. Incidence is increasing, life expectancy is rising. On the other hand, French are champions in using alcohol and tobacco, the major contributors to cancer (although tobacco use is higher in the Netherlands). In cancer screening, the French have good results, e.g. in breast cancer screening (only the Dutch do better). Yet, we have the highest level of lives lost due to a malignancy per 100.000 inhabitants.