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Interview with Dr. Sylvie Menard, Istituto Nazionale Tumori Milan, Italy


Dr. Carla Ripamonti is interviewing Dr. Sylvie Menard at the TAO Oncology meeting, Hopital Georges Pompidou, Paris, November 2013, on the toxicity of chemotherapy versus targeted therapy. Dr. Menard explains that although chemotherapy usually results in a more severe toxicity, these effects last a relatively short time. With targeted therapy the toxicity may be low, and the side effects less severe, but these will last for a longer period. Furthermore, targeted therapy can not (yet) replace chemotherapy, so both toxicities are experienced. E.g. with fatigue, which can be completely disabling the patient, this is an issue. Finally, as identification of patients that will respond to treatment is difficult, it is hard for patients to accept the effects on their QoL when they are not sure it will have the desired effect.

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