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Management of Hematological Toxicities

Matti Aapro, Pere Gascon, Jean Klastersky, John Glaspy, recorded at TAO (Transatlantic Oncology meeting), Nov 21-22, 2013

QoL - A02 - Gestions des toxicités hématologiques

Back-to-back presentations by Jean Klastersky and John Glaspy.

Jean Klastersky focusses on red cells and platelets. Prophylaxis with platelet transfusions is useful in patients with hematological malignancies. He switches to febrile neutropenia: with acute leukemia in the 50’s it was associated with chemotherapy, and febrile neutropenia had a 90% mortality rate. The old treatment paradigm was hospitalization and multispectrum antibiotic treatment. Nowadays it has improved, but is seen in combination with both blood borne and solid tumors. Still it is the major problem related with chemotherapy today, associated with high morbidity and costs, and mortality rates of 3-13%. Avoiding the complication is highly favored.