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Isabella’s case: Introduction and case presentation

Presentation by Prof. Dorothy Keefe at MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting June 23-25 2016, Adelaide

Part 1- Introduction and Case Presentation

Professor Dorothy Keefe of The University of South Australia was the co-chair of the MASCC conference and chaired this satellite symposium. She set the tone by stating that improving patient outcomes is a high aim, but shared decision-making in supportive care is playing an increasingly important role. Prof Keefe presented a challenging case study of a 38-year-old female, Isabella, who presented with persistent cough, chest tightness and difficulty breathing. Work up and diagnosis revealed Stage IV non-small-cell lung cancer. Prof Keefe then posed a series of questions on which the audience members voted using electronic keypads. The answers initiated a discussion about which specialists are involved in patient management and therapy decisions in the audience’s clinics. Although the oncologist was the primary specialist, there was a mix of other specialists such as nurse practitioners and palliative care specialists, indicating a multi-disciplinary approach is taken in many clinics. 

The symposium at MASCC 2016 was sponsored by Helsinn Healthcare SA.