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Questions & Answers

Presentation by Prof. Dorothy Keefe at MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting June 23-25 2016, Adelaide

Part 7- Questions & Answers

The session concluded with an interesting round of questions from the audience, which included the use of probiotics in women with diarrhoea, microbiome transplants and the effect of individual gut biomes on response to radiotherapy (an interesting and emerging area of research), fasting prior to chemotherapy, the impact of weight gain during chemotherapy, the under-diagnosis of fatigue, acupuncture in neuropathy, a final comment on shared decision-making and advice on particular diets.  

The final question posed by the panel was: How do we persuade oncologists to integrate holistic supportive care into the routine management of patients experiencing complex symptoms induced by cancer and its treatments?

Answer: That is what MASCC is here for; to have the discussion about the advances, strategies and new guidelines that can be implemented in the clinic.

The symposium at MASCC 2016 was sponsored by Helsinn Healthcare SA.