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Symposium La Roche-Posay: Cutaneous toxicities

Florian Scotté and René-Jean Bensadoun, recorded at TAO (Transatlantic Oncology meeting), Nov 21-22, 2013

QoL - A04 - Symposium La Roche-Posay

Presentation: Florian Scotté and René-Jean Bensadoun

Florian Scotté introduces this La Roche-Posay sponsored symposium on cutaneous toxicities of targeted cancer therapies. René Bensadoun ads that every-day cancer care with dermal-cosmetic products will be discussed. All known effects will be discussed, as well as proper use of dermal-cosmetic products. These topics are highly relevant for current clinical practice.

Florian Scotté starts his talk on cutaneous toxicities with a list of targeted therapies and their cutaneous side effects. The adverse events seen depend on the specific target of the therapy. The first adverse event discussed is secondary skin cancer – not a frequently occurring side effect, but has been seen with e.g. Sorafenib. Another is the effect on hair, including curliness and depigmentation, seen with several drugs. Photosensitivity is a known problem with several targeted therapies. Palmar plantar or Hand-Foot syndrome (HFS) is also seen with Sorafenib. Cutaneous rash is seen especially with EGFR targeting therapies.